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I was born in the Netherlands. Starting with skateboarding I was always looking for a thrill, a spark and the adrenaline. Since the skateboard felt to limited. I decided to step off the skateboard and try doing tricks on the floor in the form of breakdance. It became an instant match. As a kid I felt like breakdancing is like creating your own rollercoaster ride.

After breakdancing for some time I became part of the crew The Militia and got to perform and battle all around Europe. I loved the freestyle approach of dancing, moving with impulses and your own gestures and characteristics I loved the idea of clashing different kind of dance styles in a cocktail of movements.. After learning about contemporary dance and specifically Butoh dance. I tried implementing more elements in my movements. Using space and time to differentiate my dance.

Because my dance became my craft. I started at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten with the bachelor Urban Contemporary which I graduated from in 2021. After graduating I begin working with a variety of choreographers in the Netherlands.

Besides dancing other people's stories, I like to create stories and creations myself in which I can generate possibilities and new explorations. They are vanishing creations but are documented in my Blog  For me the idea of the story is what brings me life. I love the imagination the narrative and the climax. Everything is part of the world and everything deserves attention. Dancing makes me feel like the god creating his world as well as his creation itself.

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